Mark Your Calendars for Our Giveback Tuesday in Rock Hill!

November 08, 2018

Mark Your Calendars for Our Giveback Tuesday in Rock Hill!

If you love eating great food for a good cause, then you won’t want to miss our upcoming Giveback Tuesday event. Join us on November 27 at our location in Rock Hill to help us give back to The Oasis Institute this month!

Every month, we are proud to feature a local nonprofit charity and donate 100% of the earned proceeds from the entire day to the charity. Lunch, dinner, drinks, and carryout are all included. So far, we’ve donated more than $185,000 to local nonprofit organizations!

Funds raised from this Giveback Tuesday will help support The Oasis Institute’s Intergenerational Tutoring Program, which is the largest in the country. The institute currently has 1,997 tutors in St. Louis, covering 213 schools in 23 school districts. The funds will be used to purchase books, create more session plans, and initiate recruitment efforts for new tutors.

“For some students, their tutor is the only consistent adult role model in their lives. Oasis combines mentoring with literacy interventions. Our tutors work with academically at-risk kindergarten through third grade students who are not reading at their grade level,” said Greg Lukeman, Development Director at The Oasis Institute.

The nonprofit organization was founded in 1983 by St. Louis resident Marylen Mann, who wanted there to be more than just Bingo as the only social outlet for older adults. The Oasis Institute is a multi-faceted organization that provides volunteer service, lifelong learning, and evidence-based health programs, which gives a sense of meaning, intellectual stimulation, and an active, independent lifestyle for older adults.

“Adults who volunteer have a higher quality of life because they are socially engaged and show a decrease in mortality than those who don’t,” Lukeman said. “Individuals who lack social connections or report frequent feelings of loneliness tend to suffer higher rates of morbidity and mortality as well as infection, depression, and cognitive decline. Our health, wellness, and prevention programs have documented benefits and also mitigate the negative effects of social isolation.”

The Oasis Institute has received recognition from the Surgeon General, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the National Council of Aging. Additionally, their tutoring program has recently received recognition as a Program of Distinction through Generations United, whose mission is to improve the lives of children, youth, and older adults through intergenerational collaboration. Only 32 programs have achieved this status since the award’s inception in 2009.

Please join us at our Rock Hill location to support The Oasis Institute. Remember: 100% of the net profits from the entire day will be donated, so bring your family and friends for a fun night filled with delicious food!

Please call us at (314) 942-6665 with any questions or visit us online at Be sure to read more about The Oasis Institute and all of the good work they do by visiting them at

We hope to see you November 27 at Katie’s Pizza & Pasta Osteria in Rock Hill!