Giveback Tuesday Continues: Join us on July 23!

July 11, 2019

Giveback Tuesday Continues: Join us on July 23!

KPPO may be done celebrating our goal of raising $200,000, but we have no plans to stop there! That’s right, Giveback Tuesday is continuing strong at at our Rockhill location on July 23. This month, KidSmart will be our focus.

Every month, we are proud to feature a local nonprofit charity and donate 100% of the earned proceeds from the entire day to the charity. Lunch, dinner, drinks, and carryout are all included. So far, we’ve donated $211,430 to local nonprofit organizations.

KidSmart's mission is to empower children in need to succeed in school by providing free essential tools for learning. Giveback Tuesday funds will help them equip underprivileged students in 160+ St. Louis area schools. As the only free educational supply store in Missouri, they distribute $38,000 in free school supplies to students every day.

Each year, 90,000 St. Louis area children cannot afford basic school supplies. In 2018, KidSmart empowered 72,155 students in St. Louis to succeed in school by equipping 2,752 classrooms with $5 million worth of necessary school supplies. They have always believed that the simple things in life like school supplies can make an extraordinary difference in the education and life of a child.

Their programs include:

  • Push for Pencils - The largest back to school supply drive in Missouri, rallying the support of 150+ St. Louis businesses and the entire St. Louis community.
  • Crafts with Conviction - Each school year, 1000+ offenders in Missouri correctional facilities donate 500,000+ hours of their time to create educational and learning materials for the students KidSmart serves.
  • Wish Bags - KidSmart corporate partners deliver free school supplies to each and every child in sponsored classroom(s) during a special seasonal celebration.
  • And more.

Mark your calendars for our Giveback Tuesday event at our Rock Hill location to support KidSmart. Remember: 100% of the net profits from the entire day will be donated, so bring your friends and family along for a fun night filled with delicious food!

Please call us at (314) 942-6555 with any questions you may have or visit us online at To learn more about KidSmart, visit them at See you on July 23 in Rock Hill!