Come Out for Katie’s Pizza and Pasta/Salume Beddu Pizza Takeover!

October 01, 2015

Katie’s Pizza and Pasta is at it again, and this time she is partnering with Salume Beddu for a Pizza Takeover event that is sure to blow your mind! The event will take place starting October 5th and ending October 11th. This specialty pizza comprises of prosciutto cotto, Everton cheese, oven dried cherry tomatoes, butter poached potatoes, and pickled serrano peppers to create a pizza so magnificent it will leave your taste buds wanting more.    


Mark Sanfiloppo started Salume Beddu in 2008 after he worked as a sous chef for Mozza in Los Angeles. He was in charge of the cured meats program where he made everything from fresh sausage to guanciale, lardo, and pancetta. Mark’s real passion was and still is the cured meats. He started experimenting with curing meats in his tiny West Los Angeles apartment where he lived with his wife. He converted a small closet into a cure room and used a wine cooler to hang coppas. Before long, Mozza added his salumi to the menu! 


Mark noticed that all of their meat was coming from Missouri. He wanted to come back to his home state and really focus on his salumi and using the best pork available. So that’s exactly what he did! He started off small working at farmers’ markets and is now currently serving sandwiches and operating a USDA processing plant for our salumi. He still uses the best pork he can get and spices everything by hand.


Mark and his team are on the menu here at Katie’s as well as some other locations in St. Louis, California, and Chicago, to name a few. They were named “Best Salami in the Country” by Forbes Magazine and have received numerous awards from local food publications. They started by making 50 pounds a week to now making 1,000 pounds, and they are still growing! Mark still uses the high quality standards that he implemented in his apartment back in Los Angeles.


So stop by Katie’s Pizza and Pasta between October 5th and the 11th and enjoy the delicious Salume Beddu Pizza!