Ingredient of the Month: Arborio Rice

September 15, 2014

Ever hear the term “labor of love?” That pretty much sums up making risotto. And while you are more than likely familiar with risotto, you may not be acquainted with its star ingredient; a short-grain rice called Arborio. Arborio is named after the Italian town where it is grown. When cooked it provides a creamy, slightly chewy texture. Also, its high starch content makes it a very nice backdrop for the addition of a multitude of other ingredients and flavors.

In America many restaurants prepare a “cheat” risotto where they partially cook it ahead of time, making the dish easy to serve as people come in and order, but also destroying the delicate, firm texture. At KPPO we’re making it the way Nonna taught us – the real way from scratch where we stir the Arborio rice constantly for about 20 minutes straight while cooking.  And while this is truly a labor of love it is definitely one worth doing!

Some people may consider risotto a delicacy, but here at KPP we call it Real Risotto Mondays. That’s right, we are excited to begin offering special made-from-scratch risotto to our customers every Monday during our dinner service, just like Nonna used to make.

To enjoy authentic Italian risotto join us on Mondays starting Septemer 22 and try this versatile dish right here at Katie’s! For reservations or questions, please call 314-942-6555 or visit us online at