Featured Ingredient of the Month: Squash Blossoms

June 20, 2014

Only in season for a few summer months, the squash blossom is an ingredient you won’t want to miss!  These colorful, edible flowers are produced on fruiting vines like pumpkin, zucchini, and other squashes.  You won’t find them at supermarkets - only at the occasional farmer’s market, as these blossoms perish quickly.  The best way to get them is straight from the garden! 


Squash blossom’s mild floral flavor compliments a variety of recipes.  Though you’re more likely to find them in ethnic cuisine, adventurous chefs love to make use of the blossom’s unique appearance and bright orange color.  The dainty flower’s delicate texture and flavor are something you just have to experience! 


If you want to try this rare summer ingredient, you don’t have to grow it yourself.  We have our very own squash blossom garden here at Katie’s!  Come try our squash blossom pizza or nibble on some delish ricotta stuffed fried squash blossoms as an appetizer.  Stop on by or make a reservation by calling us at 314.942.6555!