Enjoy A Limited Edition Taco Pizza at Katie’s Pizza and Pasta!

August 01, 2015

Katie’s Pizza and Pasta is joining forces with Seoul Taco to create a Korean inspired pizza that’ll have your tastebuds movin’!

Seoul Taco will be taking over a pizza Sunday, August 9 through Saturday, August 15. Taking only the crust and wood burning fire from Katie’s, Seoul will be creating ‘The Seoul Pizza’ featuring ingredients such as Bulgogi Beef, Fresh Ginger, Kim Chee, Parmigiano Cheese, topping it with Toasted Sesame Seeds & Fresh Scallion, complimented with a side of garlic chili paste.

Seoul Taco has a storefront located in the Delmar loop in St. Louis. Though you can visit their location at any time, they make it ever more convenient for taco lovers to enjoy their food all over as they wheel around the neighborhoods of historic St. Louis during the week, stationing themselves in different areas each day to spread the love. Their award winning Korean BBQ tells you everything you need to know about their food! From tacos and burritos to homemade potsticker dumplings, Seoul is sure to create something your tastebuds will fall in love with!

Join us for an entire week of deliciousness for lunch and dinner on August 9 through 15!