Check Out Our Latest Company, Vero Pizza & Pasta!

Vero Pizza and Pasta

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company, Vero Pizza & Pasta! Our latest company creates a new food category that is an all-encompassing experience around food, art, and family. Our aim is to bring families together to celebrate love and life, build bridges, and enjoy delicious food through Vero Pizza & Pasta.

Vero Pizza & Pasta provides delicious food kits, which are collections of carefully curated Italian recipes and ingredients that your family can use to prepare easily and enjoy at home. We encourage you to grab your crew, make tasty meals together with our kits, and create experiences that celebrate food and bring you closer to your family and friends.

Our kits change on a bi-weekly basis and feature delicious, seasonal ingredients to help you make simple yet tasty recipes with your family and friends. When you order your kit, everything you will need is delivered right to your door, carefully packed in temperature-controlled boxes. Included in each kit will be our signature dough and/or fresh pasta and raw ingredients, which can feed 2 people for two meals or 4 to 6 people for one meal. You will also receive full-color 8.5x11” recipe cards and video links to recipe demonstrations by Chef Katie Lee Collier.

So how do you get your own Vero Pizza & Pasta kit? Simply choose the type of kit you want, pick either a one-time purchase or sign up for a bi-weekly subscription, create your Vero online account, and complete your purchase! You can choose which day of the week you’d prefer the kit to arrive (Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday), and you can expect yours to arrive 7 days after you place your orders. Shipping on all orders is always FREE!

When you receive your kit, you have the unique opportunity to use your imagination and create something delicious and beautiful while bonding with your family and friends. Making and sharing meals can extend beyond your home, too – you can use these kits to grow closer to your friends, fellow coworkers, and any other group of people that you interact with on a regular basis.

And that’s not all – Vero Pizza & Pasta is teaming up with Operation Food Search, a local non-profit organization that provides emergency food distribution and nutritional education programs to help heal hunger in St. Louis. Each time you purchase a meal kit, we will donate an emergency meal to a hungry child in St. Louis through Operation Food Search.

Come together to explore unique possibilities, have fun with our thought-provoking questions and activities, and create new memories with Vero Pizza & Pasta!




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